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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Relationships update

Couple A - No news. I've not contacted Miss A recently. Not had the time. And since I enjoy speaking to her once I start, I try not to call up unless I have lots of time to spare and my conscience is clear about how much I'm costing my folks.

Couple B - Everything that could go wrong apparently did go wrong when the folks met. His mom is totally against the girl's family now. She says there's no way she'll accept her. He says he's going to say its either her or it's no one. The girl is miserable... She can't talk to anyone. She feels if her folks realise that his folks are so against it, then her folks will also decide against the relationship n if it ever reaches that stage honestly don't know if either of them is strong enough to go through with it just based on their feelings for each other.

Couple C - Don't know anything. Thank God! It upsets me too much and right now I'm too busy getting upset by couple B. I'm going to assume that since I've not heard anything too bad, they're struggling onwards.