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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Couple C eliminated

I think I spoke too soon in my last post. Couple C now no longer exists. The individuals still exist separately as of a few hours back but I can see a worst case scenario which will end with the guy OD'ing on something.

Miss C called up and said she broke up with Mr.C two weeks back. Apparently he's been having schizophrenic fits since then. He's called up and spoken rubbish and he even sent her an sms saying she was a bitch who'd ruined his life. C'mon... What is it with guys. This one is really going around the bend. I knew he wasn't thinking rationally even before, but I didn't think he'd snap to this extent. Apparently she told him they'd better break up cos of their frequent fights. She told him if they continued they might not even remain friends. And this is exactly what he has told me before, though I doubt she knows that unless he's told her the same thing too. Well at times he says that he still wants to be friends and start over, but then at other times he acts too weird. They are currently supposed to be friends, with all the meetings, conversations and interactions that would entail. However considering how much they are still fighting I'm starting to believe that a little time without any interaction would benefit both of them. Ex-lovers make very bad friends. The deeper the relationship, the harder it is to go back to being 'just friends'.

The latest incident was the weirdest. Miss C asked him to go for lunch with her cos another friend wanted to pick his brains about karate and she asked him in front of this other girl. Mr. C said ok n then sms'd her asking whether she'd fucked his reputation with that girl also, whether she knew they had been going out. She told him that the girl merely thought they were friends and asked him if his reputation would get fucked if she did know they were going out. That's when he started his usual rant 'don't act so innocent'. Guys are such fuckers when they expect you to know just what they are talking about. And if any guy ever tells me not to act 'innocent' he is going to be very unpleasantly surprised!