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Monday, April 03, 2006

Being Cyrus and Taxi 9211

Friends were down the past few days. Watched Being Cyrus and Taxi 9211.

Being Cyrus was pretty good. It'd have been much better if I hadn't guessed the twist right at the start. Still for an Indian film it was great because though it was in English I never got the feeling I was watching an 'Indian' film. I'm not sure I can explain, but there are some movies, like monsoon wedding for example, where you are reminded at each and every step that it's an Indian movie made in English. With Being Cyrus I didn't even realise that it was in English. The story-telling grabbed you, not the language.

Taxi 9211 was also very good in a totally diff way. Both Nana Patekar and John Abraham were excellent. Great casting. The ending was really silly but i guess the director bowed down to mass culture. But if you just closed ur eyes for the last 5 mins you'd be able to walk away saying you've seen some really fine acting. They managed to make high drama seem believable.

And last but not least. I've never been a fan of either John Abraham or Saif Ali Khan. But they r both incredibly sexy in these movies. Saif specially, blew my mind.


ACG said...

Is Being Cyrus a Bollywood film?
Saturday and Sunday afternoons one of the TV stations here plays Bollywood films sometimes... I would love to find some in english so I wouldn't have to have my eye drawn away from the dancing and singing to read the subtitles.
Half the time I forgo following the subtitles to watch the colors and movement.

KD13 said...

Yup, Being Cyrus is a bollywood film. Unfortunately if you watch bollywood movies for the dancing and singing this isn't going to do you any good. The whole movie is shot in a very different styly from most 'masala' movies. No singing and dancing I'm afraid.

ACG said...

the only bollywood i've seen are the ones with the big singing and dancing numbers.
i'm sure there will be exposure to more styles of bollywood as the popularity grows.