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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Stand - Stephen King

I recently read the unabridged version of 'The Stand' by Stephen King. It started of really well and I thought I knew why most of his fans say it's one of his best. Most of the characters are beautifully drawn. Half way through however the whole tone of the book changed. The only way I can explain what I mean is by saying that I felt like he started the book with one concept in mind and then half way through decided to walk on another road altogether. The end of the book seems like an act of desperation. I got the impression that SK was in such a hurry to finish the damn thing he took the easy way out. Everything is too classically 'wrapped up'. Everything is just too damn convenient. From any other author it wouldn't be that big a deal. But from the author of a book like 'Cujo'... It was a real let down.