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Friday, April 14, 2006

Tom Cruise sucks!

Just came across an article about the impending birth of the TomKitten (the unfortunate byproduct of the TomKat). Ergo, the much-to-be-pitied child of Tom Cruise (cultist who wears a good mask) and Katie Holmes (total moron who needs to be saved from the cult). Aaaah.... I feel so good venting out all the bile that comes up whenever I think of them. Gettin serious, I'm not the kind who bothers about celebrities usually. However when I was a kid I read a book about a cult. Its a pretty well known book and when I find out the name I'll add it to this post. The book was published in a collection of great books by Reader's Digest many many years ago but I wish all those Tom Cruise fans out there could be force-fed that book. Right now I'll be very happy to volunteer to stuff it down the next Tom Cruise fan I come across (hopefully a vanishing breed soon to become extinct).

I don't care about Tom Cruise. He's old enough to choose his life and honestly speaking I think he's smart enough and can look after himself. Besides after so many years having a normal life if he wants to throw it away and jump of a bridge... I'll rush to help. The victim here is the unborn child and to an extent Katie. I'd be sorry for her but I've never been very sympathetic towards idiots. However all signs seem to show that she's been totally brainwashed. Easy to do if the subject is naive and 'dumb' enough. Hopefully the 'wonderful' silent childbirth she has promised to undergo (without meds that too) should bring her to her senses. Or maybe it'll be the week after the birth when she's promised not to go near the baby that will do the trick. However I do believe that eventually life will be too hard to ignore. She'll come to her senses n then the Tomkitten will be a major player in a war that he/she/it might not understand.

Shame on Katie's parents. Shame on all the rest of her family too and also on everyone who says they love her.

Oh just incase its not clear... I will never pay to watch a Tom Cruise movie again. Warning to friends and family reading this post. Please do NOT try to 'discuss' this topic with me unless you wholeheartedly agree.