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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A birthday and a wedding.

Another B'day come n gone. Atleast this time it wasn't my own. Family is a strange thing. They r always there whether you like it or not. And I mean that in both ways, bad and good.

My hair is chopped off. And wonder of wonder's, the Sister approves. All credit goes to Blossom at Tenderlocks.

The Sister is still addicted to the phone. I think she bought it on the 8th. But in that case this enthusiasm seems a tad prolonged. Oh well, she needs something to be happy about.

My first matchmaking effort got married on the 9th. He's gotta go abroad for a bit now so they rushed the registration thru'. Both signings on 1 day. And yours truly was the witness for everything. Dead broke so borrowed 100 bucks from the 'bride' for petrol :) N then forgot all about it when they came over on the 12th with a 'Thank-you' gift. Oh well, hope I remember next time I meet her.


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KD13 said...

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*sniff sniff*, this is such a memorable occasion.