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Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Melting Medusa'

It's raining enough to wet feet even if the said feet are perched on 4 inch heels. Ofcourse since it's about 3 am right now there won't be many feet out in the rain. Infact if there's even one foot out wearing a high heeled shoe at this time of the night in my neighbourhood I'll eat my own 4 inch beast of burden. Actually, since 1 shoe would be useless without the other, and since it would mean a loss of almost a 1000 bucks, I'd probably eat both.

I daresay the average reader at this point will stop reading and wander away in search of headache medicine. *Hint: If you don't want to admit you are an average reader, persist*

I'm not trying to cause confusion here. If you must blame someone, blame the electricity department. I had conceived the brilliant idea of writing a post on the superhero persona that would best suit me. I had actually started the process of choosing a name for myself when the electricity went away. The lights and the fan both stopped working too (I suspect a plot). And the rain started. And then the temperature rose so high that the only name I could think off was 'The Iceberg Goddess'. Or maybe 'Melting Medusa'. At which point I gave up on the idea.

Hence this post on the rain. The shoes just wandered in all by themselves.


Cecilia said...

Haha..that was kinda funny to read..can imagine you saying it aloud too. Enjoy reading your blogs Karen, makes me smile, most of them;)

Anonymous said...

Remind me to stock up on aspirin and other headache medicine :-)

KD13 said...

Thanks Cec :-)

As for you Mr./Ms. Anonymous - kindly choose a pseudonym when you are commenting. Something like say 'The Hulk' or 'Miss Muffet'. You can even use Medusa if you like :-). Of course you could just use your own name. You aren't ashamed of it are you? ;>