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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Went for mass yesterday to the Taleigao Church and was shocked to find that the entire sermon was about the Da Vinci Code. What is wrong with the Church? The priest today was exhorting the people to boycott the movie and to join in a protest ‘morcha’. He said the book potrayed Jesus as a liar and insulted the Catholic faith. What a load of bull. I have read all of Dan Brown's books and I have never found my faith and belief system insulted in anyway. With all the ruckus on the issue I have never been more ashamed to be Catholic. Living in Goa, I've laughed when people in other parts of India have taken to the streets at the drop of a hat. Seething with indignation at perceived insults to their respective religions. To see Catholics in Goa take to the streets to protest a work of fiction will be the nadir of my existence so far. Can’t the Church find a more worthy battle to fight? If the book insulted Jesus it would be another issue. All this fuss is because the book potrays Jesus as a married man. C'mon, it's not like the author is saying he did something evil. It's not like the author says that Jesus was a criminal or crook of some kind. Is the Church trying to say that saying Jesus was married is equivalent to saying he was evil?

I'm not sure when the morcha is scheduled. I was doing my best not to pay attention since thinking about it was really pissing me off. I'm sure I'll hear about it again anyway.

I intend to go for one of the first showings of the Da Vinci Code. I think it's coming to INOX on the 19th. More on that later.