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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

India bashing on orkut

I'm a member of an internet community called 'orkut'. I joined a community called 'linkin park' there a while back and was surprised to find a thread called 'INDIA' on the list of threads. When I opened the thread I was shocked to find that the very first post was a very offensive post about India and reading further I also found some very virulent retorts. After the first shock wore off I was quite amused at finding a hate-india thread in a linkin park community. [If u don't get the joke pls don't ask me to explain. I have a weird sense of humour.] This was a while back. Today out of curiosity I went back to that thread and I was shocked to find that far from dying out it's become something in the nature of an online battle. Fake Ids, bad words in various languages, bad portuguese, worse english... you'll find it all.

I don't know if the guy who started the thread is a Jamaican or if he's a Brazilian. He seems confused himself. On his profile he's listed himself as a Jamaican. He's listed Portuguese as the only language he speaks. And in one of his posts he says he's Brazilian. Infact reading through all the posts gives me a very unreal feeling. Most Indians would think I'm a nut I guess but the strongest emotion his words stir up in me is curiosity rather than rage.

I want to know if this guy is for real. If he is, I want to know why he hates India so much. If its racial, then Pakistan, Afghanistan etc should also be part of his hate list. But they aren't. This hatred is so India-specific the writer could qualify as an India-bashing pakistani :) [no disrespect intended to Pakistanis in general]

Did some Indian really hurt him?!?

Is it all a big prank by someone who just doesn't have anything better to do?!?

I do so wish I knew :(


Anonymous said...

That bastard is crazy!

KD13 said...

maybe he is... but even crazy people have a reason for their actions. It just doesn't make sense to us n that's the only reason it's called crazy.

Hmm... I have so much to say on the topic I think I'll devote an entire post to it.

Thanks for the idea :)