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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dental X-rays

Tagging along with my dad today I had far too much time to think. Not the good kind of time either. I don't know how many people are as fascinated with their own minds as I am. Disgusted and horrified sometimes, true, but fascinated all the same.

For instance today the dentist told me to get a full OPG x-ray. Atleast I think that's what it's called. It's an x-ray of my full jaw. And the first thought that flashed through my mind was that now my folks have a way to identify my body in case I'm burnt to death or disfigured in any way.

In books, people abroad always seem to rely on dental x-rays and old healed fractures. "John Doe's right arm and right leg were both fractured at some time. Mr. XYZ fractured his right arm and right leg in a car accident 10 years ago. Ergo, John Doe is probably Mr. XYZ."

I've never had a fracture. It used to bother me sometimes. How the hell would the authorities identify me in case I was in a huge accident and my body was burned to a crisp. I don't even have any tattoos or identifying scars even if some skin escaped the flames. Well I guess now I can relax.

Though come to think of it I don't see why I should care whether they identify me or not after I'm dead.

That's the problem with most people and I seem to have walked into that trap myself. In real life what you believe becomes your reality in most cases. Most people don't understand that. As long as my folks think they've got the right body it's as good as if they actually have the right body. After all it won't make any difference to me either way.

If you think facts always matter consider this, if you believe that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you, whether you realise it or not your attitude towards the person will change and your decision to break off will be determined by your belief.
What does the truth matter in a situation like that.

In the case of Couple A. Say the boy is cheating but the girl is convinced he's loyal. They won't split up. Her belief in his loyalty will have the same effect as his actual loyalty.
In the case of Couple B. Say the boy is loyal. If the girl is convinced he's cheating on her she'll eventually break up with him. Or else she'll drive him crazy with her suspicions and he'll dump her. In either case the relationship is doomed.

Think about it. You live life according to what you believe each day. If you just knew exactly what you wanted you could choose what to believe in and structure your life around you. Nobody seems to understand that we are building the blocks of our life with our thoughts.

Despite this most people prefer knowledge to belief. Take the example above. If the girl in the case of Couple B wants a happy relationship she can choose to have faith and be happy and ignorant. But by our very nature, humans will usually not choose to live in ignorance. Someday I'll take a poll. I wonder how many girls/guys would prefer to be happy and ignorant about a cheating partner.


And on a slightly different topic...

What are we made off? What is everything made off?

Atoms, I believe.

What are atoms made off?

Electrons and protons. Or rather positive and negative charges. Can you imagine that?

Everything you touch, everything you see, isn't really there. They're just charges. You're just a bundle of positive and negative charges.

Shit! I'm really wandering here. Time to go and gloat over my dental x-rays.


Anonymous said...

karen one day hopefully i'll be able to make out if you are serious or joking.

KD13 said...

Why would you want to know something like that Amy. Life can be boring without any help from us u know.

Anonymous said...

Karen, u shd put up a warning sign for people: may cause dizziness / uncontrollable laughter / really bad headaches.

But I still enjoy reading ur posts. :>

Anonymous said...

If you ever decide to frame the X-ray of your skull, I have the perfect title for it: "Sleepy Hollow" :-)

'Anonymity is the truest expression of altruism'

The time I waste reading your blogs can only be described as an altruistic act :-P

KD13 said...

Thanks Susan. My razor sharp senses detected the complimentary tone of your comment :)

And Mr/Ms. Anonymous,
1. It was a dental x-ray, not a skull x-ray... hence only teeth no space.
2. While anonymity may be a way of expressing altruism, I think it this case it's probably more self defence or even cowardice :D
3. Since the time you spend reading my blog doesn't promote my welfare in any way I fail to see how that act could be described as altruistic.
However I'm going to grant you the benefit of the doubt and presume your act of commenting was such an act. For that, thank you. :)

Anonymous said...
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