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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Limewire Vs. BitTorrent

Suddenly I'm in the mood for comics. This is crazy. Some months back I wanted to download the 4400 seasons 1 & 2. Unfortunately for me the BitTorrent link I found was crawling so slowly, I've stopped the 4400 at 11% and started General Fiction. I'm at 52% of a 2.1 GB Download and now I wanna move on already. :( I hate BitTorent. It's so damn slow and each torrent is so damn huge!
I prefer Limewire where I can select each individual file and where my download speed has reached 35 kbps sometimes.

For anyone out there who hasn't tried it yet: Download Limewire today! If you have broadband you'll be blessing me. If you don't you'll be cursing me. Either way you'll be hooked.