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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wednesday Friday Addams

I was just chatting with a friend who has a very unusual name. Tired of my complaints about my too-common name he told me to pick an unusual name for myself. It made me really think for a bit but then from some part deep inside me I found a name that felt so absolutely right. "Wednesday".

I'm not sure whether I love the name for itself or whether it's tied up n bound to the character 'Wednesday Addams' from the Addams family. I have to admit I could be biased towards the name because of Wednesday Addams who has got to be one of my all time favourite characters on television.

Wednesday Friday Addams [yes that is her real middle name] is strong, loving, absolutely fearless and very very determined. If I could be like her I would. She lives life exactly as she wants to. When people try to force her into a 'suitable' mould she tries to resist at first n then pretends to give in until the miserable SOB's are lulled into complacency. And then, just when they think they've won, she shows them that it's not really smart to mess with Wednesday Addams.

Yes. If I could be her I would. Make of that what you will.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Wednesday, if that's what u wanna be called then that's what i'll call ya.

[Can I shorten it to Wedy or Weedy? U try calling out 'Wednesday'.]

Anonymous said...

How about Sevilla or Vermicelli


KD13 said...

Alison, maybe you could use 'Friday' instead. I think I'd prefer that to 'Weedy'. :D

And "wayne_rogerson", 'Sevilla'?!? ... c'mon you can do better than that. :D [Though I must admit 'Vermicelli' has distinct possibilities. :D ]

Anonymous said...

I love the character Wensday. Odd name but still...