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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the day before the last

The month is almost over and it will end my self-imposed 'post every day' rule. What have I learned from the experience?

1) I can pay attention to the small details when I decide to.
2) It's not always a good idea to force words out. Sometimes the result may be good but often it's just unmitigated crap.
3) I realised that I write best when I feel strongly about something. When I bottle it up for a few days n then let it spill out.
4) I've realised that writing about something allows me see it from a by-stander's point of view, and that sometimes the new point of view makes me see holes in my own.
5) I realised that writing for oneself is wonderful n cathartic but when it's read by others it gets new meaning. It forces you to think things through. You can't be as abrupt and dogmatic as you want to. It teaches you consideration n politeness. Infact it teaches you all the things you think you don't have to pay attention to online.

And most importantly I realised that I love blogging... just not every day!


Anonymous said...

It's true what you say. I was thinking of shifting my diary online but I always decide nt to cos i won't be able to be as rude n nasty about some people online as I can be in my diary. Its not cos I'm scared of them but even if i'm mad at someone one day doesn't mean i want to hurt them by letting them know what I think of them, n theres always a chance they'll come across my blog.

KD13 said...

Awww... you're just trying to find reasons not to blog.
You don't have to blog about personal stuff you know. Just pick the days headlines n give your opinion.