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Saturday, August 05, 2006


The spammers have discovered me. After months of laguishing on the sidelines I have gained the attention of the evil minions of commerce. They have decided to 'honour' me with their spam and they've done it with a vengence.

All of which is a way of saying I just had to delete loads of spam and if you want to comment you'll now have to type in a word from the 'Gibberish' language. I have a copy of a rare English-Giberish dictionary so anyone who leaves a comment may ask me for the translation if they are interested in learning a new language.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll bite. My word is 'ocumcg'. And it better be good!

Apparently I didn't see the letters right. Now it's 'gqnuvl'. And I'm NOT going to try again so you're warned...

Anonymous said...

Happy Friendship Day!

My word is 'sktxoui'.

P.S.I know it probably means I'm very very sexy. :D

Woozie said...


Any ideas about the meaning?

KD13 said...

Ok, here goes...

[in alphabetical order...]

gqnuvl - a very fancy naval ring used at the wrong place.

ocumcg - a mug used by your eye doctor to store unused ________. (I'm sure ur imagination will fill in the blanks. My sister reads this so my self-expression is hampered. N if you really don't know call me ;D )

roeukwm - a type of worm... (a very tasty type)

sktxoui - a gay french skater (sorry John, but the truth's the truth!)