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Friday, August 18, 2006

Just say No!

I had actually started to shut down my computer before I remembered that I hadn't posted today. Hmmm.. It's almost 4 am so maybe I should say yesterday but what the heck. My day ends only when I fall asleep. Hehehe. That's funny cos sometimes I don't go to sleep all night. So guess I've experienced days that didn't end... Nice way of stretching time if I could only make it work.

A friend called up n asked me to do him a favour. A big favour. And I can't. I tried to explain, I tried to slide out of it, I tried hints. In fact I tried everything except an outright no. So of course here I am worrying about yet another task I've been roped in to do, by people who can't seem to get hints. This guy specially has a bad track record in my book. But he's a friend. So here I go again...

I really need to learn to say NO.

Actually that's not accurate. I can say no, I just can't deal with the unpleasantness that follows. Specially when it's someone I care about. Damn!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I hope that wasn't a jab at me.

Now I'm worried.

Woozie said...

Runnin out of time for Saturday...

KD13 said...

@ sudhir - Don't worry so much. You know you've never asked me to do anything for you. And anyway, I'd never have any problem saying 'no' to you. I know you'd never be offended. :D

@ woozie - hehehe... did it with about 30 mins to spare. :D