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Monday, August 21, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

I don't usually comment on movies unless they are extremely good. But like everyone else I just have to spew forth my opinion on Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

Luckily everyone warned me that the movie was unbearable. Those comments lowered my expectations so much that I ended up enjoying the movie. [Ok, maybe not the whole movie.]

I'll start with what I liked about the movie.

1. The songs.
2. Abhishek Bachchan.

Now for the rest...

The dialogues were pathetic. Every cliche ever used in the history of Indian Cinema was reused and stretched into a 5 minute monologue. And every character was a caricature of an archetypal character. The bitter husband with the successful wife. The loving light hearted husband who doesn't take anything seriously and the cold wife.

Ok, the cold wife didn't make much sense to me. But all the rest of the characters reminded me of real people I've met. Unfortunately Karan Johar drew everyone so clearly that it's hard to find the shades of grey that make you identify with the characters. Whoever is good is very very good, and whoever is bad is horrid.

All said n done, go ahead n watch it if you can get a seat on the aisle because the first three hours of the movie are ok. The last half hour however is a new form of torture. I wanted to walk out but there were people on either side so I was trapped. Only Karan Johar would trivialise an extra marital affair n try to turn it into a 'feel good', 'we're all saints here' kind of movie. The end is so bad, if I hadn't cut my nails I'd have started peeling my skin of my body just to distract myself. Since I couldn't do that, I spent that whole agonising half hour reading a book with the light from my mobile.

The odd thing is that though I haven't come across a single person who liked the movie, the damn thing is a hit.


glenn said...

most bollywood movies never fail to annoy!!! I cant even remember the last bollywood movie i sat through till the end. t'was in the doordarshan era for sure !! Thank you cable tv!!

Woozie said...

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna? Screw that! SNAKES ON A PLANE is where it's at!

KD13 said...

@ glenn - can't help it. INOX knew nobody would go for KANK so they played the damn thing on all the screens. It was also the only pic playing at Ashok n Samrat. So it was either that or nothing at all. :(
If u think I'm kidding u've forgotten life in Goa!

@ woozie - but I read thru ur review. It was so good I feel I've seen the movie... ;)

KD13 said...

@ woozie - ok, was just kidding. After all the free promo u've given it I've put Snakes On A Plane right on top of my 'to-watch' list!

Rose Ghost said...

"Those comments lowered my expectations so much that I ended up enjoying the movie"
Happens to me all the time. You start off thinking 'Why was everyone complaining about? This isn't that bad...' and then later on you realise that yes, it was THAT bad. :-)

It's probably become a hit because everybody is curious to see how bad it is.

KD13 said...

@ ghostrose - LOL... maybe you're right. Though in Goa atleast I'm sure atleast half the people who went for the movie only did so cos they had no other option :D