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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Recently a boy of 18 was murdered by 2 of his best friends together with 3 other boys. It's come as a shock because most of the boys involved are from very well known families. One guys parents are good doctors and another guy is the nephew of a well known lawyer n is also related to a prominent retired cop.

I've heard of such incidents but somehow, now that it happened right here, to people I know off, everything is different. All the 'murderers' were good students and pretty well known among their age group. Three of them are students in my college though they joined the year I passed out so I didn't know them personally.

What went wrong? The papers say they needed money to 'maintain' their high profile life style. So what? There must be loads of guys in that situation. What made these guys different?
Was the guy who died such a bad judge of character? These guys were supposed to be his best friends!
What did he feel as they strangled him? Was he conscious? Did he try to talk to them?
Did he keep thinking..."This can't be happening to me!?!".

Everyone keeps talking about the murder. They express shock and outrage but I feel it's something more. I think most people enjoy talking about the incident because it makes them feel a little self satisfied. They can rejoice in the fact that no matter how bad their own kids are, atleast they aren't murderers.
Everyone unconnected to the murders must feel a little smug and sanctimonious. I can hear the voices... "This is what comes of spoiling children n giving them too much freedom".
Even when the words are full of pity there's a nasty undercurrent of glee... "I can't imagine how bad it must be for the families of those boys."

This isn't meant to be a criticism. Most people search for silver linings and focus on them when they're trying to pretend that all is well in their world. As long as they focus on pitying someone else, they retain their superior position. That way they don't have to face the fact that it might have been their son. They don't have to wonder... "I don't like the looks of my son's friends. I hope..."

There is also a minority that have faced the fact that it could happen to them and as a result have begun policing their children's lives.

The rest of the people must be like me. I can't dredge up any emotion except a faint stirring of pity for the parents of the accused. I've tried to tell myself that a young boy was murdered. I've tried to feel for the family of the victim. But...
It's true that the first day I was sure the victim had pretended to be kidnapped so as to extract money from his folks. But now that he's dead I ought to feel something. Anything. But... nothing.


Anonymous said...

Now thats something from Goa...
:-) Just glimpsed at your write and found an immediate similiarity with what I have been readin in Goa.
So what you do in Goa?

Anonymous said...

Its not only to do with murder anymore, is it? That pretty much sums up the general attitude of people to the events in others lives...guess it pinches even more as its happening in our beloved Goa :(

KD13 said...

@ anonymous - I write this blog n bitch about / pass useless comments on everybody and everything around.

@ mandar - Yeah, Goa's being destroyed n the sad part is that it's not just the 'outsiders' doing the damage. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi , the Goa murder situation is very serious . The role models for young people in Goa are making a lucrative living via the corruption (which does involve murder) route. If you can see adults benefit from crime , why wouldn't you follow that lead ? Goa is no longer a chilled place where life is fun ....you must watch your back . Unfortunately Goa attract's the crim's now....drugs are big business, for the seller's, the police and politicans . Goa need's a rinse.