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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Of cats n dogs...

It's already 11.30 n I need to write a post n go watch some t.v. at twelve. Unfortunately the cat is sitting on the chair next to me and demanding that I scratch his head n neck. Hence my two-finger typing has now be reduced to one finger typing, since my right hand is busy petting the cat...

Now he's bending n making sure I scratch his ear. What's it with cats n their ears. I've seen him scratching his ears loads of times. When he can do it himself I think it's rude of him to make me do it. I'd rather scratch his chin. Atleast then I feel useful. I pretty sure he can't do it himself.

Ok, now while he takes a break n gives himself a good lick all over I'll try n finish this off.

I used to hate cats until I was about 14 when my mom n sis brought a tiny kitten home. She was so adorable even my dog loved her. He used to lick her whenever she was wet or hurt during her escapades. I can't really imagine anyone being able to stay aloof from a little kitten that's determined to crawl into your lap and snuggle up.

Hmmm... I think I'm going a little off track. What I started out to do was explain the basic difference between the natures of cats n dogs.

If a man takes good care of his dog, takes him for walks at the right time, gves him good food, loves him n in short is an ideal master the dog will think, "My master must be a really wonderful person. He wouldn't take such good care of me otherwise."
If a man takes care of a cat the same way, with love n devotion, the cat will think, "I must be a really wonderful creature. This human wouldn't take such good care of me otherwise."


Anonymous said...

I hope this game doesn't have anything to do with your cats n dogs :)

glenn said...

seriously amy! i hope so. karen i've had enough of trouble with cats already.


KD13 said...

@ amy & glenn - Don't be so chicken.
ok, ok, it's got nothing to do with any animals. It's just the 'player' and the [ahem] 'toy'. nothing else is involved :D