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Monday, August 28, 2006


Tsk, tsk, I just came online to check n I have to say the guesses were pretty pathetic...LOL

Too bad folks. Anyway, just to make this a little fairer I'll put the video up tomorrow. Before that, here are a few clues.

1) This is something that I thought would be quite easy to do. It turns out it's anything but!
2) It's something that's quite good for a person's health.
3) The toy can be all in one piece or it may need assembly. For instance mine is made up of 6 pieces of different colours.
4) It's great to watch anyone doing this. If it's an expert performing it's as good as a show and if it's a beginner like me, it's like watching a clown performing.

There, now let's see some intelligence. C'mon people!


Anonymous said...

I've thought n I dont know and honestly if you postpone telling what it is one more time I'll kick you!

Anonymous said...

Hey just got back to work after a nice vacation. S told me abt this guessing game. I'm not going to participate cos it's not fair to the others but if i had i know i wud get it right.

sudden_sue said...

just came by to chk. Doesn't seem like anyone is going to get it. I thought of the perfect answer but the bit about the toy being assembled doesnt fit in.

You better not have planted any false clues...

Anonymous said...

maybe a 6 piece jigsaw puzzle?

KD13 said...

@ everyone - so now you all know how wrong you were. :D