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Thursday, August 10, 2006

"C" plans dashed

Today's Thursday. Tomorrow it'll be a whole damn week since I wrote to the 'friend of my dad's friend'. I was so nervous about writing to him I spent the whole of last week postponing it. Then on Friday my dad asked about it n I didn't have any excuse to avoid it so I wrote a really nice email telling him i'd waited for the weekend out of consideration to him. Yeah right! Anyway, when I didn;t get an immediate reply I thought my plan backfired cos he doesn;t chk his mail on the weekeknds. But it's almost the next weekend now. He's had almost a full week. Apparently I'm not important enough to get the courtesy of a reply.

Anyway, I researched the subject and I don't see any chances of me making it in this field unless he gives me entree. Which at present has moved from the realms of my dreams to the outer reaches of my fantasy.