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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is love?

Most relationships suck at times. I saw a sappy movie with one memorable line today. The guy/hero/main lead said 'I'd prefer fighting with you to making love with anyone else'.

Maybe that's it. Maybe it's just about finding someone who you want to be with even if you fight.

Maybe it's not, but it sure comes closer than any other explanation I've heard recently.


Anonymous said...

Babes you know how much I've debated this issue.

I'd like to believe its that simple, i really wud but after everythings said n done i think humans need peace more than anything.

By the way my word is 'qtpdpems'. Now c'mon tell my fortune. [You were so right about John ;D ]

Anonymous said...

Amy, - A gay french skater am I?!?

Sweetheart YOU skould know better than anyone how 'not gay' i am!!!

Karen - sorry for the ott comments but you have to admit she started it!

KD13 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KD13 said...

@ Amy - Peace Vs. Love. Hmmm... I'm not taking sides. I'll settle for a peaceful everyday kinda love. :D
'qtpdpems' = a very disagreeable mood. ;)

@ Amy & John - People using pseudonyms shouldn't squabble in public. :D
[Don't bother asking me to delete ur comments later... u r warned... ]