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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pepsi Crap...

Recently colas were in the news for containing excessive quantities of pesticides.

The Pepsi defence team had the bright idea of airing an ad where some Pepsi executives and a guy in a white lab coat get together n announce that the chemicals found in Pepsi are within permissible international n national standards.

C'mon you idiots! If you'd managed to get Coca Cola executives to advertise for Pepsi that would be something. Sure the Pepsi executives are going to tell us its safe.

I find the ads particularly amusing because of an email a friend sent me with the following pictures. They may be fake or doctored for all I know but they are very funny. Specially in context with that ridiculous ad that airs all the time!

Picking the right shade for the Pepsi!

Washing the bottles is hard work!

More Washing...

Getting the washed bottles into the crates, waiting to be filled up

Pepsi being filled

Putting the fizz in!

Picking the best caps!

Capping the bottles

Checking for leaks

Quality Check!


Anonymous said...

I loved the quality control one :)

Btw, did you see what S did? I'm going to rag her bout it.

sudden_sue said...

Whether the pepsi is really pepsi or coloured water doesn't matter. Both are probably equally bad for health!

Suspect said...

Hey, pepsi or colored water, both are shit.

Now Coke is The Shit (as opposed to just shit, savvy?). It's what Real People drink. It's what makes you Smart and Sexy.

Pepsi bad. Coke good. Get it?

(Yes, Coke paid me $1000 to do this)

glenn said...

no conglomorate anywhere in the world can talk of a brand equity thats even close to 'coca cola'. I wonder if they'd really risk screwing a brand image.

Everything kills you.. sugar, coffee, coke, beers, Chocolates & ice creams, McDonald's, French fries.. they've done researches on everything and everythings bad for you.

We've all gotta go someday. might as well die happy !!

KD13 said...

@ John - Don't bother her.

@ Bachelor Boy - I agree.

@ Unusual suspect - Sorry to say this to you cos it's the first time you're commenting here but Coke n Pepsi r both real shit. Thumbs Up is The Shit and I'm saying that for free!!! So go out n get yourself some of that wonderfully flavoured carbonated water.

@ - Glenn - Life kills you. It's just a matter of time. All this shit is just a pleasant way to get there faster.

P said...

Surely, the pics are doctored.

I really don't understand why the picking on Pepsi/Coke when you can walk into any hawker and find a variety of drinks available with alarming levels of indigestable stuff in it. I would never advocate for Pepsi/Coke, but I find all of this unfair.

And surely, getting fake Coke executives to vouch for Pepsi would be seen as part of the mockery that goes on between the two behemoths as opposed to the serious message the Pepsi wanted to convery in the first place!

Anyhoo, makes good reading nonetheless :)

KD13 said...

@ p - sure you can walk into any shop and find drinks with harmful ingredients, but they usually cost less than coke and pepsi. I guess Indians feel that when they pay the price and buy an international brand they deserve the same quality standards found in the rest of the world.

As for the comment about Pepsi using Coke executives, I was just being sarcastic. I found the Pepsi ad really hilarious. But then I've got a weird sense of humour :D

And don't be too sure the pics are doctored. Anything's possible in India...

P said...

Ahem, where I live, for the price of one 330ml bottle of coke, you can get approx six bottles of 300ml coke in India.

Not justifying the presence of any level of pesticides, but just comparing costs since you mentioned, paying at international level.

I guess its more to do with if big corporations do this, then how are small scale industries to be blamed. The change has to come from above.

The weird sense of humour, well.. trust me, you're not alone in that boat ;-)

KD13 said...

@ p - didn't mean that we pay as much as people do outside. Justmeant that we pay nore than we do for the other local brands.

But I did enjoy hearing about the cheap prices in India. I love people telling me about the cheap prices at McDonalds too. Small things please my little mind. ;D

Anyway, speaking of prices don't forget that most things, including labour are cheap here. Their profit margins are sure to be huge. Big greedy conglomerates *mutter mutter*...


P said...

McDonalds are crap either way!

And more for other brands? Surely you're not complaining about a bottle of coke that costs 8 bucks?

And sure, labour could be cheap, so is real estate, raw materials and talent. Makes you wonder why India still has half of its population well below the poverty line.

Big greedy conglomerates?? Fine, so dont you think the darling of the Indian renaissance, Infosys is a greedy conglomerate too? They apparently have one of the highest profit margins in the outsourcing industry.

KD13 said...

@ p - first things first. Coke doesn't cost 8 bucks. 300 ml costs 12 or 15 bucks. 500 ml costs 20 bucks or so.

It may seem cheap but since it costs more than the non-branded variety it should maintain some standards. At the very least it shouldn't contain harmful pesticides, right?

Infosys - It may be a greedy conglomerate too, but I personally know so many people who needed jobs and who got them only cos of Infy's expansion plans. I know I'm biased, but I can forgive them their profit margins cos of things like that. :)

P said...

So the 25,000 odd people that Pepsi and Coke give work to in India don't give them equal rights with regards to profit margins? :)

I see this can go on forever and for that reason, I'm waving a white flag :)


KD13 said...

LOL... like I said I'm biased cos I don't know anyone who's working for coke/pepsi etc. If they offer me job n keep me happy, things could change. :D

As for why India's stuck in a rut. It's the 3 C's of Communalism, Corruption, and the Crab-mentality many Indian's have.

I'd have been waving a white flag long back if I hadn't used it to blow my nose... :D


P said...

Ah, I've already tended to a running nose with mine. Was hoping you wouldn't notice :D