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Friday, September 01, 2006

Stupid Forwards!

Today once again I got a stupid forward telling me if I sent it on to 10 people I'd find my true love in a few days, if I sent it to 5 I'd find love in a week n if I deleted it I'd be unlucky in love for 24 years.

C'mon, since I never forward anything, I've probably already got a backlog of bad luck of more than 124 yrs. Are these 24 yrs going to be added to those or will they run concurrently?

In fact come to think of it, one email assured me that I'd lose my job (didn't have one), get run over (I didn't stir out of the house that day), or that a loved one would die or be in distress (I don't know how I escaped that one). I didn't forward it. I threw out a challenge into the teeth of fate n stayed in bed. And you know what... I survived.

Just as I'm going to survive the general bad luck + the romantic bad luck I've earned over the next few decades.


{And btw... if you're the kind of IDIOT who tries to escape the bad luck that's your due by forwarding those forwards to me than trust me you're out of luck. Everytime I press the delete button I intonate..." May the bad luck I am about to receive be shared equally with all those who've gone before me...". So there!}


sudden_sue said...

I know you actually enjoy getting those forwards that promise you piles of money...heehee

And as you can see I have finally gotten myself a blog. SInce you were the one pushing me now you fill it!

glenn said...

I always fail to understand how people have the time to create that kind of junk mail. it's annoying.

CrazyRhyme said...

hey why worry about the bad luck. ur dad has already told u that ur going to die by the time u r 40yrs old :)

so u might as well live life dangerously and not not foward that crap and endanger others lives ;)

glenn said...

...and whatever happened to the "GAME"

KD13 said...

@ s_s - C'mon confess. You're enjoying ur blog, right!?! As for the promises of money, if I had a buck for every one of those...

@crazyrhyme - I'm intrested more in living life comfortably. (As in lazily). in my opnion (I don't really know much abt it) danger is overrated.

@ Glenn - hmmm... why do I feel you've missed a couple of posts...

Anonymous said...

ok, so august is over. That doesn't mean you have to stop blogging you know.

KD13 said...

@ john - Things came up. Nothing to do with August. Honest :)