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Friday, October 06, 2006

Better safe than sorry... or not.

This isn't really meant to be a post. It's more of a commentary on the replies I got to my previous post.

I've always thought following one's dreams is the highest call there is. And that's what I always tell everyone. I'm the girl who advised a friend to quit law n follow her dream of becoming an air hostess. She didn't take my advice. Is she happy now? I don't dare ask. Whenever anyone comes to me and talks of following their passion, I'm happy for them and do my best to cheer them on. Not that I ever advocate anything as drastic as walking out on your day job when you've got a family of four to feed. But when you have a chance, you should grab it, and thank God for it. I guess I honestly believe if you have a passion you can make it work.

My problem was that I had no passion. All I wanted was to have a good time. I got good grades cos I enjoy learning new stuff. Exams are easy for me. I rarely topped but then that would have required more effort than I was ready to invest. But finding something to work for, something that I'd enjoy doing even if I was a millionaire n didn't need a job... now that was hard.

And somehow I thought everyone would be happy that I finally found my dream. But everyone's attitude seems more along the lines of 'better safe than sorry'. I'm not just talking about my blog-world here. Even in the real world, no-one, not one person I've mentioned my idea to, is in favour of it.

Of course that's not going to stop me. Luckily for me I've been blessed with the ability to go my own way reagrdless of the approval or disapproval of people around me. Except my parents. Their disapproval always hurts even when I don't let it show.

Which is why they know nothing of this.

But I'm still surprised by the number of 'better safe than sorry' people out there. It's scary but exhilarating. I guess I'm one of those people who loves being in the minority. I love all you people who care enough about me to try n keep me grounded. But, damn it, I want to fly!

Just curious... all you people reading this. If you didn't need to work, if you had all the money you could ever want, what would you do with your life? How would you spend your days? Lazing about might seem attractive for a while but men (and women) are said to need a purpose in life to keep them happy.

Any thoughts?


Unknown said...

Take trips see the world enjoy everyday and do it in style. That is how you stay happy. CWTR™

glenn said...
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glenn said...

when i spoke of the road less travelled on.. it wasnt s'posed to include a career.

*whispering* "thought you were contemplating a runaway marriage or something"

As far as a career goes everyone wants to be different. pick your wildest dream and work towards it. you'll be suprised how much happier you'll be.

glenn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
glenn said...

your mails keep bouncing back!!

Anonymous said...

If I had the money, I would buy an island and spend my time there writing and playing games.

Go ahead with your dream. You're young. You don't have to answer to anybody.

Good luck...

KD13 said...

@ ayman - oh yeah. Had forgotten the travel bug. I love travelling. Not really fond of arriving though. Maybe I'll just stay on the bus/train/plane whatever. Or a cruise liner. Now that's a dream!

@ glenn - Received your email. Wrote back. I'm very sorry. Once you receive my email you will be too ;)
As for a runaway marriage... need cash before I do that! :D

@ Suspect - Writing and playing games I can identify with. An island!?! Not for me. I'd settle for a room over a city that never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

You know me. I'd be surrounded by my family. 8 or 9 kids, loads of grandchildren, all soaking up my wisdom.


Woozie said...

I would probably spend a couple years in NYC, then move to some small town in Hawaii.

KD13 said...

@ john - Shame on you. What happened to 'Hum Do, Hamare Do'? The Earth's over populated enough as it is. Why would you want to spread your genes anyway... :D

@ woozie - and do what exactly in Hawaii?


Anonymous said...

I'd try n experiment with diff painting methods. Try painting on various fabrics, etc.

Anonymous said...

The altruistic comments brought tears to my eyes.....NOT!!!