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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The man with the power...

He was a mild meek mannered man by day. He seemed to have a complete life. He laughed with his wife and kids in the morning, joked with his friends at work, and they all said, "oh that guy! he's a nice chap".

But little did they know that underneath that calm, sweet exterior there lurked another man. A man with a secret life. A man who influenced hundreds of lives each day.

Why? Because he had power.

Everyday as he waited for the bus he'd look around for someone who needed his help that day. Aaah, a girl wearing a short skirt. Who did she think she was. She was just asking for it. Standing there with that attitude. He'd stare at her legs. When she shifted uncomfortable he'd exult with satisfaction. Oh, she was enjoying it wasn't she. The bitch. His eyes would roam upwards. she'd turn her back towards him. Pity.

Then the bus would come. He'd reach the door and then purposely slow down so that she could enter first. He'd press himself against her and delight if she stumbled and lost her balance. Then he could officiously press forward to help. Oh madame, do you need some help. He'd extend his hands and hold her arm. She'd shake him off and glare and walk away and stand next to the driver.

He'd look around. She was starting to act tough. Too bad. But there was so much choice here.
Ahh, there was a pretty girl in a salwar. She hadn't seen him yet. No matter. He'd stand next to her. Oh, that was a curve. He swayed with the bus. She felt so soft. Damn, he wished he could use his hands. No matter. Maybe he'd just rub himself against her. She was trapped by the people around. All his. What! She was trying to move away. Turning to glare as if she wasn't secretly turned on too. Yeah right! Sorry madame, this bus is so crowded no? Public transport is so bad.

She's saying she has to get off at the next stop. It's his stop too. But he'll wait for her to get down first. That way she has to squeeze past him. There'll be a lot of confusion. She'll be worried that the bus might not stop for long. And the bus will be still. His hands will be free. To 'help' her squeeze past him.


I made myself literally sick writing this. I feel like puking up my lunch. But I decided to post it anyway because I know this man. Almost every girl will know him. Or someone like him.

I've met him on buses, at work and even in church. He has made me feel helpless. He has made me feel like I'm to blame.

I haven't met him recently because I now avoid public transport and crowds as far as possible. But not every girl has that luxury.


Edit: Oh yeah, now I carry safety pins every time I'm forced to use public transport.


glenn said...

power ???? what power do you speak about? This is disgusting.

KD13 said...

Glad you think so.

This guy and many like him get their kick cos it makes them feel powerful and in control.

Some guys don't carry it so far as touching but they'll look and gloat if they think they've made someone uncomfortable.

Atleast thats's what I've found.

Kshitij L said...

My mom once beat up a guy like that. She bores me with that story a lot...

fedes said...

yeah, guys can be complete asses sometimes. one guy had the audacity to tell a friend when she asked him if he couldn't stand straight " sub kuch khada hai"! how gross is that?

KD13 said...

@ suspect - You ought to be proud of your mom.

@ fedes - Yuck. What an asshole! I've never been able to slap anyone, but I hope your friend slapped him.

Or alternatively kicked him in the balls, though I guess that's hoping for too much.

sudden_sue said...

I've had experiences like this and I'm sure most girls have. I didn't enjoy reading this at all but I guess you had to write it.

I'm still feeling all crawly.

KD13 said...

@ susan - I wanted to write a simple post about how I feel using public transport... somewhere along the way I felt it would be easier to write it as if I was one of them.

It wasn't.

Woozie said...

Kick his ass!

Anonymous said...

Finally a post that evokes emotion.
I am impressed.


Anonymous said...

btw it happens on the Mumbai trains..
in the Gents compartment, theres a lot of sick homo's around 2..

Jonathan said...

Strong words. I like the way you write. Adjectives like peverse and disgusting really come alive.

KD13 said...

@ woozie - I want a taser. But they're not allowed here :(

@ MP - thanks. [I noticed the insult it contained too. I'll deal with that later. Quake with terror until then.]

@ anonymous (who may or not be MP) - Yuck. And what does a guy do in a situation like that.

@ jonathan - Thanks. I guess my emotions managed to work their way into the post.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I shd be glad here in B'lore women stand in front and the guys at the back but yeah, the stares at the bus stand and those times when you're forced to come in contact with some pervert are so sickening. I'm glad my company arranges transport. I can usually avoid dealing with that shit.

KD13 said...

Yeah for a girl travelling alone thats one good thing about b'lore buses. Women in front, men at the back. In chennai women sit on the left and men on the right :D

But in both cities it's a bit of a headache if you're travelling with a guy and the bus is full and you're depending on him to tell you when to get off! trust me on that!