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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The simpler choice...

I'm finding it tough to write posts these days without getting too personal, so I thought I'd write a bit of fiction to keep the cobwebs away from my blog. Enjoy. Or not.


Mary woke up and scrambled out of bed. It was Ryan's 8th birthday and she wanted to be the first to wish him. She was almost 6 years older than him and loved him almost as a mother would. His real mom was a pale shadow in their lives. When her dad had first introduced her to them, she'd been 9. Terrified that her papa would love the little boy more. Terrified that she'd have no one left to love her. Looking back from her vantage point she wanted to laugh at herself. Her father wasn't capable of loving anyone. But Ryan had turned out to be the most precious thing in her life. Smart, funny and loving, he'd turned to her almost from the start. His mother had seemed totally apathetic about it. As if it didn't bother her that her only child was more interested in spending time with his new step-sister than his own mother. She was a tiny woman. Mary was already taller than her and twice as strong. Things had worked out. They usually did.

Mary had taken charge over Ryan the way she would one of her dolls. She learnt to feed him, bathe him and put him to bed every night with a new story she would make up just for him. His mother had receded into the role of cook, house keeper and babysitter for the time Mary had to spend in school. Her father was a vague presence about the house. They were quiet when he was around. Life was simpler that way. When they crossed paths he seemed to feel polite conversation was a must. He'd ask Mary about school and pretend to be interested in her answers. Mary was polite to him. Things were simpler that way.

But today was different. She woke up Ryan with a kiss and helped him dress. Today was a very important day. She'd heard Them talking almost a week ago. His mom. Her dad. Talking about how maybe they should live apart for some time. How they shouldn't rush the divorce. Then she heard Her say, "I won't move out until after Ryan's birthday. Let's pretend everything is ok till then". Mary had gone to bed that night wondering what she could do to stop them. Not that she cared about the divorce of course. But she would not leave Ryan. Maybe she and her dad could keep Ryan, or maybe she could go with him and his mom.
The next day when her dad was at work she asked Her about it. The only reply she got was a lecture about listening at doors. Then suddenly She'd said, "I'm sorry Mary. What you're suggesting isn't possible dear. But don't worry, you'll see Ryan very often. We won't be moving far away."

So Mary had retired that night once again wrestling with the problem. She even prayed to her dead mother asking her for help. And when she woke up she knew it hadn't been in vain. Now she knew what she had to do. Now all she had to decide was which one she should kill. Her dad? Or Ryan's mom? There were points loaded in favour of both of them. His mom had been the one to suggest waiting until Ryan's birthday was over. That gave her one point. It had been surprisingly thoughtful of her. But then She didn't work. So if she killed her dad they'd have to find an alternate source of income. Score one point for dad as the bread winner. Well She did cook, clean and watch Ryan when she wasn't around. That would have been a point for her but dad could easily pay someone to do those things. The score remained tied. But then She would be easier to fool than dad. Score one for Her again.

And so Mary went on, giving a point first to one, then to the other. Until today. Today they were still even and her time was running out. It had to be tonight. She had to decide fast. In desperation she asked Ryan, "Ryan, who do you love more? Dad or mom?" Ryan was busy trying to tie his shoelaces and didn't answer immediately. She wanted to shake him. This was life and death! Finally he turned and said, "well, dad said he'd buy me a new bicycle for my birthday, so if he has, I guess I love him more today".

Mary relaxed. She'd seen the bike. Had helped hide it behind the sofa. Now she knew who it had to be. She'd even decided how to do it. After dinner dad would drop some of Ryan's friends off. Ryan's mom would be a bit 'high' and very affectionate the way she always was after a party. It would be a simple matter to lure her into the balcony. To show her the spot where the railing had come loose. To get underneath her n tip her over. She was such a tiny thing. She'd just have to see that she kept Her glass well stocked all night. That way if she passed out there would be no need to play act. Yeah, it would be simpler that way.

Her dad would tell the cops about the divorce. She would tell the cops she'd seen Her crying secretly. The cops would have to decide whether it was an accident or suicide. Mary sincerely hoped it would be declared an accident. She didn't want Ryan to grow up believing his mom had committed suicide. That wouldn't be good for him.

Oh well, things would work out. They usually did.


Read Suspect's version here.

Really... go read it now.


Anonymous said...

ooh... this is the first bit of pure fiction that u've written that I've read. Atleast... it is fiction right?

KD13 said...

@ john - um... yeah it's fiction. yes, yes... fiction it is.
*much nodding of head*

sudden_sue said...

You're a minx.

I wish I had a Mary in my life...

iz said...

Woman. You can write. I'm also glad you're not my stepdaughter.

bachelor_boy said...

sue: don't you mean you wish you were more like Mary? If you really had a 'Mary' in your life you'd be terrified of her!

karen: nice one! very simple and yet all the more chilling because of that. And i echo iz. I'm glad you're not my step daughter!

KD13 said...

@ sudden_sue - I know what you mean but it's trouble waiting to happen. The only question is when.

@ iz - Thanks! :)

@ bachelor_boy - I'm glad you liked it and I'm also glad I'm not your step-daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hey karen... love it! I love the way it's really ryan who decides his moms fate.

KD13 said...

@ Amy - yeah I wanted Ryan to be the one to choose. No idea why though. It just seemed right.

Woozie said...

Needed more guns.

KD13 said...

@ woozie - wait till you read suspects adaptation :)

Unknown said...

did the cobwebs stay away?

KD13 said...

Um... yeah. As long as there are comments the cobwebs can't grow...

Anonymous said...

I'm convict. Seriously. Proof: zombie, zombie. BIG BOOBS YAY. Target. I hate Linkin Park.

Convinced it's me?

My computer is kaput, not letting me log in at any site.

Put my version of the story up at your blog, right now. As in whenever you see this comment.

And reconsider the free sex, huh?

KD13 said...

@ suspect/convict - I think it's you. But your story is long and really nice and should be on your own blog. So I'll wait till Sunday and if you still can't log on, I'll think about it then.


Taqo said...

I like this.
I like how it begins subtle and innocent. Then all of a sudden, it's a murder plan.
Mary, Mary quite contrary :D
Is there a part 2 to this?

KD13 said...

@ tago - Thanks! I think you felt what I wanted you to feel and that's the best compliment ever. :D

And no, there's no sequel. At least none written by me. Mary's destiny has to be her own. I don't want to write it down and force her to live it. I don't know if that makes any kind of sense but thats the way I feel. :)