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Sunday, November 26, 2006

But it hurts so bad I can't take it any longer...

When you cry until you can cry no more.
When you feel like you'll never be clean.
When you lie awake in the dark wishing you knew if you are healed.
When you face is puffy and your eyes are red and you feel like you'll never feel good about yourself again.
When you wonder if you'll ever be worth the effort.
When you wonder how long you can depend on the mercies of relative strangers.
When you want to feel physical pain just so you stop thinking.
When you'd give anything for a hug.
When you listen to the same two sappy 'girlie' songs again and again just because they help you cry.
When you'd give anything for a shoulder to lean on.
When you're needy, whiny and desperate.
When you're least attractive.
When you are not worthy of being loved by someone good.

That's when you need love the most.

And when there's no one around, that's when you turn to God.

I prayed for love and got peace. That ain't such a bad deal...


SwB said...

:) prayed for love and got peace ... i like that!

*tight hug*

fedes said...

life's a 'chubi'. tht's a certain word on ur cell when the dictionary thing isn't turned on.

KD13 said...

@ saltwater blues and fedes - *hugs*

@ everyone reading this - does anyone know what the second comment is about...
My off-the-cuff translation can't possibly be right...