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Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm tired of bitter people. I'm tired of trying to cheer them up. Fine. So I'm a happy person most of the time. That does not mean I have an inexhaustible amount of cheerfulness stored in me. That does not mean that some one can be bitter and sarcastic and not affect me.

I don't mind sad people. I feel bad for them but it doesn't drain me.

I don't mind sarcastic and funny people who think life is crap but who don't really give a damn. They'll just have fun in their own way. You won't find them moaning and looking enviously at others. You won't find them thinking the words "if only" a hundred times a day. They may smile at you mockingly but they have no bitterness in their eyes.

What I can't take any more are those souls out there who have been given a bad deal by life (or so they believe) and who refuse to ever forget it. And they refuse to let you forget it. Ever!

They give you a smile that tries to say "Look at me. Look how bravely I'm facing these trials life has thrown at me." Any chance they get they'll refer to the rough deal they're facing. Any attempt to cheer them up is met with "of course you wouldn't understand. You don't understand how the real world is. You think it's a good place. Well, you'll learn in time."

Bitterness is a futile feeling. A feeling of pain that often is twice as bad as the the pain that originally caused it. Hope can help you overcome it. But hope will find it tough to survive without the right atmosphere.

Like I said, there are those who'll say I don't know anything about it...

Well I have news for you, all you bitter, pathetic people out there. I may not have gone through the exact same crap you have gone through but I've gone through my fair share. And while there may be days when I cry, and there may be days when I want to sleep and never wake up, there are always other days. Better days. Days when life is good and clean. And if you try you can make the days balance out. But you have to try. You can't sit back and wait for life to make you happy. You have to grab every little bit of happiness life gives you. And you have to soak in it. Even if it's just a little drop of happiness,.. taste it, feel it,.. make much of it. That's the way it'll be entered in your memory. Then when things aren't so good you can take it out, unfold it carefully, and it'll help you carry on just a bit longer.

It'll help that little something called 'hope' survive in hostile territory.

And it'll make life a lot easier for those who care about you.


Sangita S said...

Nice post and very truly said,though I might have some difference on how to handle them..Came via SwB.Loved ur Goth name post as well but seems like site does not work nowadays :-)

KD13 said...

@ sangita - My way (do I even have a way) does NOT work. I only end up getting frustrated and drained out. So please do share your thoughts on how to handle people like that.

Anonymous said...

Karen... Wat Kind of Person do U find In me????

Oh Boy!!!... Am I Confused Now??

Anonymous said...

Hey you dont have to get so crabby about us bitter people we have our sweet side too sniff sniff


No icing rassa frassa....

Kshitij L said...

You'll never understand what it is to have SEVEN AND A HALF schizophrenic personalities in your brain. Lucky you. Go read my blog. Go comment. I die for some attention and love. Lucky people like you will JUST NEVER UNDERSTAND.

KD13 said...

@ broken leg - hey nice seeing you here :) And though i don't know you well enough to be sure, from what I know so far you seem like a really happy-go-lucky guy. Definitely not bitter!

@ MP - Yes, bitter people do have a sweet side too. If they didn't I'd never bother trying to cheer them up. :)

@ suspect - yes kiddo :) I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!

iz said...

Sigh. Does this mean I have to be all happy and counting my blessings and stuff?

tangled said...

You is makes us all GUILTY.
But I had a wunnerful wunnerful trip, so YUAY!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen:

If Som1 is too bitter & too cold da Best thing is Just live them alone to themselves....

Time Will Teach them a Lesson!!!!

fedes said...

i used to b idealistic.. till this year

KD13 said...

@ iz - You're so far from bitter, I don't think you could even imagine it! :) Don't pretend otherwise. Don't forget I read your blog.

@ tangled - um... I don't know you but I honestly don't think you sound like someone who qualifies. The very fact that you TOOK a trip AND ADMITTED you enjoyed it, means you're probably not the kind of person I had in mind.
The average bitter person would never be happy with any holiday he/she could afford to take. Unless they could bitch about it ad infinitum!

@ broken leg - Yeah! I really should do that. But I feel so guilty somehow. I always try to cheer them up and end up getting so very drained out myself.

@ fedes - I'm not really in favour of idealism. It's dangerous. Idealists get hurt. I love cynical people as long as they aren't sad about it. As long as they don't think everyone else has a better deal. As long as they don't play the part of the eternal victim. As long as they're not perpetually bitter...

I know that now I sound bitter on this topic but the difference is that with me tis just a mood, not a lifestyle! :D

Woozie said...

I'm being awfully bitter today. Grr.

Anonymous said...

We All have our Cross to Carry in life, ...but I hate WHINERS!!!

' ]

KD13 said...

@ woozie - glad to see they're letting you non-beta folk in the door... :)

@ starbender - Yeah I hate them too.
*ignoring fingers that point out that I have my whiny days too...*

Anonymous said...

I love reading your site for the reason that you can always bring us fresh and awesome stuff, I feel that I must at least say thanks for your hard work.

- Henry