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Saturday, December 02, 2006

IFFI 2006

IFFI is almost over. As expected I started enjoying it after it crossed the halfway mark. I'm like that. Nothing tastes good until it's almost over.

I saw Borat, Mirch Masala, The Shadowless Sword, Beerfest and Alexandra's Project so far.

Borat... can't really say anything about it. Go watch it.

Mirch Masala - This I could write pages about. But I'm not going to. I went in for it expecting a light hearted 'popcorn' movie. I'd just got the movie summaries and I didn't have time to read about it. (to all Indians reading this... Doesn't Mirch Masala sound like a lighthearted flick?) It's based on fictional (?) events during British rule and it's NOT lighthearted. I would have walked out if I wasn't so curious to know what happened at the end. Unfortunately though I watched the full thing, I'm still not sure what we're supposed to understand by the last bit. The director was answering queries at the end of the screening and I really wanted to ask him how the story ended. I didn't because everyone else seemed to get it. Don't watch it unless you like movies with a 'message'. But if you do watch it, or if you've seen it before... please tell me what we're supposed to assume happens at the end.

The Shadowless Sword - A Korean movie. Nice for those who like sword fights and kung fu. Luckily I love sword fights and kung fu because there wasn't much else. Yeah, and the lead guy was kinda cute.

Beerfest - Go watch this. It's described as Fight Club with Beer. I normally hate beer but I walked in a little thirsty and by the time it was half way through I would have given almost anything for a chilled beer. I think it was the scene where the guy was drowned in beer, that did it.

Alexandra's Project - Damn. hmmm... Rolf De Heer is the director. They're running a special 'retrospective' on certain directors and he's one of those selected. All his movies are running packed. I had to stand in line for 90 minutes to get in for this one and I think more than 50 people who were standing in line for almost an hour were turned away.
It's a slow movie interspersed with shocking moments that keep your eyes focussed on the screen. The end was very very annoying because practically, there's no way it should end that way. But that's just my opinion . In the world of 'arty' cinema I'm sure it was fantastic. All in all... watch it if you can.
Warning for the prudish: Quite a bit of full frontal nudity.
Warning for the squeamish: Attempt to pierce nipple with pin shown in detail. I'm not sure just how it was done because I was squirming in my seat and my eyes kept shutting involuntarily despite my best efforts.


Anonymous said...

I now figured out the reason behind your coming to mumbai besides to give me my present :-) You just want to prepare yourself for the next IFFI :-D

Very sneaky!!!


Woozie said...

No warning for Borat?

Suspect said...

Is Mirch Masala the movie in which at the end the women throw chilli powder in the villain's eyes and then chop him into little pieces with machetes? The one with Nasseeruddin Shah and Om Puri? That one was good...

KD13 said...

@ MP - :D smartass!

@ woozie - I wanted everyone to go watch Borat. Besides the main guys schlong was censored here so I can't really comment on it [:D]. And the other guy you couldn't really see much. Or maybe that was cos I had tears of laughter in my eyes...

@ convict - yup. They threw the damn masala and then focused on her with that 'koito', but how the hell could she chop him to bits with all his men outside with all those guns! They'd have shot them all dead before she got near Naseer. Damn, that's annoying, if we're to suddenly assume they got a conscience or that all those big guys with guns were scared of one woman standing stock still even if she had a big blade.

Reel Fanatic said...

Maybe it's just because I have a high love of silly, but I just laughed nonstop at Beerfest .. I thought it was even funnier than Borat

Woozie said...

Funnier than Borat? To the ovens with ye, infidel.

KD13 said...

@ reel fanatic - Yeah Beerfest was really good. Funnier than Borat... possibly. But I preferred Borat because underneath all the laughter there's a darkness that was missing in Beerfest. Beerfest mocked movies, cultures and customs very superficially. Borat mocked human nature.

@ woozie - Many people found Beerfest funnier, but then there are different types of funny...

Woozie said...

Here people loved Borat more I think.

SwB said...

full-frontal as in dongs n stuff?? ewww!

... its a good thing your dad didn't get that delegate pass!

Cecilia said...

Good one Karen...girl your blog owns!!