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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The way you make me feel...

Been back in Goa the past two weekends but I didn’t get a chance to get on the net. Seems like every moment I spend in Goa has already been planned and scheduled. In fact I’m often double booked. Blame my agent mom.

Pune is very relaxing in comparison. Wake up, go to work, finish by 6 or 6.30 and then the day is yours. Watch a movie, read a book, call up a friend, or just sleep. Since I don’t have access to a kitchen I don’t even have to feel guilty about eating out every day. Life is good.

Another thing I like about being in Pune is that my continuous study of the male sex has got a big boost. My classification system is getting modified and refined. However right now there’s just one particular class that I’m curious about. Or rather I’m curious about the effect they have on me.

I’m quite comfortable around most men/boys. I won’t care a damn if my hair’s all blown about or if I’ve forgotten to wear any lipstick. I enjoy spending time with them. But… once in a while I see a guy who makes me feel very… feminine. It’s happens very rarely. But it does happen.

It’s hard to explain what I mean, but after my eye operation I wasn’t allowed to wash my hair for almost a month. In between I had to consult a new eye specialist and right before I entered his consulting room the last thing on my mind was how my hair looked. And yet… when I stepped in and looked at him, I forgot my eyes. I forgot to worry about whether they were healing on schedule, I forgot the restrictions I had to ask about; all I thought about was my unwashed hair and the fact that I hadn’t worn something attractive. And all this for a guy who didn’t even fit ‘my type’ and whose voice I’d not heard. [Those who know me well know how fussy I’m about voices.]

There are men like that. They might not look good, they might not be very ‘masculine’. They might even be metrosexual (Though I normally hate that term and what it implies). Their attractiveness lies in the way they make a girl feel. Feminine. Very conscious of the fact that she’s a woman and he’s a man. I’m not sure whether this is something some guys are born with or if it can be developed. I’m not even sure how many girls have felt something similar. Unfortunately further research has halted due to the scarcity of the subject matter.

I’m thinking about changing my eye doctor.


tangled said...

Haven't you just hit the nail on the head! :D

I hate admitting this on such a public forum, but that's exactly the way I felt around the judge for Whose Line Is It Anyway at a fest this year. Especially when jumping around stage like an idiot waving an imaginary light-sabre.

*sigh*, Karen. Men are not fair. And 15-year-olds are cruel.

Anonymous said...

... now i'm scared to meet you :)

Did u get my last sms? i've been so bludy buried in work lately, haven't had time for much else. When will you be back? Lets try and meet up on a weekend, even if its for a little while :)


Suspect said...

Oh gimme a break. I apologized, what, eighteen and half times.

Now get your ass online.

Both of you.

KD13 said...

@ tangled - Glad someone understands what I meant :D

@ SwB - I messaged you. Hope you got it.

@ Suspect - I actually have work to do you know. My net connection at home is expected soon, but until then...

Woozie said...

Oh, he's so wonderfully blunt!

Suspect said...


Sh'shank said...

the saga of what a man wants intrests u or is it just the question of why they do what they do?
awaiting ur reply for the comment on the previous post...
goa and pune two places i badly want to see...

KD13 said...

@ woozie - come again?

@ suspect - ?

@ pricky - I'm on a quest to understand men. Part of understanding them is understanding their views on women :)
N pune and Goa are both great. Guess most places are, if you've got nice people around.