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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thanks Peter!

I now have internet at home on my laptop. All thanks to a guy called Peter who was intelligent enough, patient enough and persistant enough to talk me through the whole procedure of connecting to the net through my Airtel GPRS connection.

He doesn't read this blog. Pity. I'd have praised him until his ears turned red. As it is I now have a net connection and nothing to blog about. Life is fantastic.

Also this means that at the very least, I'll be able to check my email in Bombay. Maybe the trip won't be as bad as I thought it'd be :D


tangled said...


Woozie said...

$5 says Suspect demands you call and/or email him.

KD13 said...

@ woozie - :) I think you'd lose. I spoke to him yesterday just before I got the connection working.

Suspect said...

now email me!

Suspect said...

silly goose i am. woozie wins his bet.

Priya said...

Nice blog....and hope your trip to Mumbai is good...and were you myopic??? is that why you underwent that surgery?? I wanted to know about it as i also want to reduce my numbers!

Suspect said...

Mary-Lou continues his epic journey. Visit me bloggie to find out what happens.

Canary said...

A search on Goa got me here :|
but I'm glad I landed :)

Anonymous said...

So the reason you had the eye surgery was to ogle at guys :-D
Times sure are a changin...