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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Feb that was...

It's been almost a month and there's so much to tell and yet so much that has to remain untold. The trip to Bombay that I referred to in my last post went off really well. Loads of good memories; most of them work related. I met some really nice people and it was quite a wrench to say good bye at the end of the week.

I loved Bombay. Not for the reasons most people advance, but because if you could hit a pause button you'd find that it's a really beautiful place. Maybe it's just 'old' bombay that has this atmosphere. I don't know. But everywhere I went I felt like I was living with history. I saw the building my grandfather lived in when he was younger than I am now. It's amazing to walk the same paths people have walked over for centuries. I know that most cities have their own history but somehow in Bombay, with its decrepit buildings standing side by side with historic landmarks, you feel it more than you would in other places.

Coming back to Pune brought about loads of changes. Some of us were put in charge of some new joinees. My landlord got a better deal and gave my roommate and me just 2 days to find another place. We did a lot of walking around but didn't find anything even half way acceptable. Then like a miracle we found a place that seemed ok and we grabbed it. It's a pretty good deal but it's a bit in the interior which is causing other problems.

Also since I'm supposed to supervise the newcomers I don't feel like using the net at work for anything other than work. Trying to set a good example I guess. And since I'm usually not in the mood to connect to the net at home my email goes unread for days together. Lucky for me I have a friend who convinced me to take GPRS and then gave me software to access MSN and yahoo messenger on my phone. Now I'm connected almost all day though half the time the phone is on silent and I don't know when someone's IM'img me.

I've been feeling like writing these days. Short stories mainly. Maybe I'll put them up. Maybe I'll just ramble on like this. Guess it doesn't really matter as long as I'm a bit more regular here... :(

For all you people who used to read this blog regularly: Thanks. I'm still alive and so is this blog. Very busy and very cranky, but alive and well.