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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Of lesbians and the Ellen DeGeneres show...

Back in Bangalore after almost a year. Loads has changed. Made me sad. I don't like things changing behind my back. Love it when it happens right in front of me.

Atleast I think I do.

Oh well.

This isn't a proper post, just a comment I had to pass on the Ellen DeGeneres show. [If that's spelt wrong.... guess what, I don't care]

I've watched a total on maybe 20 minutes of the show so everything that follows is NOT a 'qualified' opinion.

The first day I watched about 15 minutes. Ellen struck me as a nervous self conscious wreck. She didn't speak confidently and in fact looked like she was up infront of an audience for the first time ever, with her eyes darting this way and that.
Then she started dancing! Or what passes for dancing. She ran up and down the stairs danced with a couple of women and then spread her legs and walked over a table... um.. I mean the table passed between her legs... or whatever.
Thats when I switched the TV off. I mean that table is so broad from one angle it looked like quite a feat except for the fact that she walked ?across? it from the other side.

The next day I switched on the TV again and was treated to the exact same scene. And it was not a repeat of the previous episode. I watched enough to make sure of that!
But trust me the dancing bit was exactly the same. The same running up the steps. the same dancing with an attractive woman (a different one this time). the same shimmying across that exact same table! C'mon!

I'm a little embarrassed to say I turned the TV off thinking only lesbians would enjoy her show. Very politically incorrect of me I know. And here I thought I didn't have any weird ideas about homosexuals in my head.


Speaking of lesbians... I think I met one the other day. I'm in Bangalore answering some exams and the very first day i got here I ran into a very friendly, very cute girl. For some reason I found myself wishing we were friends. Well I'm not so sure any more. I was watching TV in the TV room the other day and she came in and almost SNUGGLED up to me. I haven't told anyone this cos I'm sure they'll all say she was just being friendly but trust me I got this strange vibe from her.

One good thing that came of it is that I'm sure I'm not gay. Cos she is very cute and if I had any inclination that way I think I'd have felt something for her.


I'm back in Pune on Monday and somehow I'm not looking forward to it any more. Anyone who's been on the phone with me recently will find that strange cos all I've been doing the past 10 days is mourn about how much I'm missing Pune.
I think I know why the change has occured. Can't really go into it here but in brief there was a guy who intrigued me and I was looking forward to getting to know him, BUT... a couple of friends have since told me some stuff that's made me very ashamed of ever ebing interested in him. Why don't all shallow guys have some kind of sign printed to their heads? Why on earth do they have to act all deep and interesting and mysterious? Why am I always interested in all the wrong guys?

It would be so great if I grew up and started falling for nice safe guys.


[And T yes, I know I haven't corrected all the mistakes above. That's your job. Give me a list of the mistakes and I'll correct them... if I feel like it :) ]