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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been promoted. Good news anyone would say. I'm pretty happy about it, don't get me wrong, but the promotion unexpectedly brought home something I'd never realised.

I don't have a single person here in Pune who I'm very very close to and who will be happy for me no matter what.

There were many people who congratulated me and wished me well. But their words didn't mean all that much to me. They seemed to saying the words out of common courtesy and general rules of behaviour. No one here in Pune showed real jubilation. There are some people I'm close to. In particular a guy I'm going to call Axle. I'm sad when Axle is sad and happy when he's happy but I've not got a friend like that. Axle is too preoccupied with his own life and there's no one else.

To be fair I have to mention a guy I'll call Ray. Ray does seem to care. He's concerned, caring and seems truly happy for me. But it doesn't mean as much because it's something new. Time will tell if this concern and friendship will last.

So the day I got promoted I had no one to celebrate with.

While I've always known that it's important to have the people you're close to, with you to share your sorrows, this is the first time I've realised that joys don't count for much when you have no one to share them with.


FifthBeatle said...

Welcome to my world, I guess. Pour yourself a large whiskey and enjoy it slowly.

Oh and, whether it "means" anything or not, Congratulations!

Woozie said...

Remember me? Yeah I'm still around. Don't know what happened to Suspect though, he just sorta fell off the earth.

You have yourself to share your accomplishment with and you are the person in your world that matters the most.

FifthBeatle said...

Why the '13'?

KD13 said...

Arnold - Thanks, :)
Don't know why, but that 'congratulations' felt good. The workings of my weird mind....

Woozie - hey I think about u n suspect quite often... and that year that i spent at home... good memories, all of them :)

Anonymous said...

these days with the internet and global communication the closest friends are often miles away.

Anonymous said...

I can't make fun of this post.

I don't like that.

SwB said...

... If I remember right she's a rum drinker Arnie.

Congrats on your promotion K. And I mean that!

Hope all is well.

FifthBeatle said...

Ah well, my bad then (not like I could have known)!

What shall it be? Dark or white? :P

KD13 said...

@ S'grace - true, and I've got more reason to know that than most. :)

@ Cousin S - And you didn't even try... shocking :D

@ SwB - Wow! Good memory.

@ Arnie - Either if you're buying!!! :p