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Sunday, December 07, 2008

World's apart

I've been writing a book since 2006.

What's that you say?

You think it's completed and I'm on my first rewrite?

Well you obviously have either a) never attempted writing a novel or b) you're one of those super organised people who puts aside a fixed amount of time to write each day.

My way of writing is to write like crazy when the mood is upon me. Then suddenly I'll relax and rest on my (imaginary) laurels. After a few months the urge will strike me again, I'll read over what I wrote before, and then I'll promptly scrap out most of it and rewrite it.

And the same cycle repeats again and again.

I think I shouldn't leave these long gaps between writing sessions. Too many things change in my head and that forces me to rewrite. If I write more consistently I think the story will grow with me.

And eventually, the story will have a life of its own.