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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Gossip at the Call Centre...

Long time since I've written here... Lets see, last time I told you a little about my colony. This week I'll tell you a little about work or rather the people I meet at work. Their hopes, dreams, romances,...

I work in a call centre. My shift timings change now n then. Work is ok. Deadly dull though. Selling vehicle insurance for an UK company. It's an inbound process. That means that we don't have to call up people. We just sell insurance to people who call us up for quotes. Everyone says inbound is very easy. Only people who are interested in the product will call up obviously. They say that out bound is terrible because you have to call up strange people and try to sell them stuff. Well all I have to say is that the outbound people are paid much more as incentives too. Anyway enough about work.

The workplace is pretty exciting right now. One of the guys in my batch is pretty good friends with one of the team leads on the floor so he gets to know all the hot gossip, even about the more senior executives. Some of the things he tells me are so shocking I'm not sure whether to believe him, but so far everything he's told me has turned out to be true, so I always listen eagerly. I call him my 'source'. He told me that our ops manager was having an affair with the manager of another process. I found that hard to believe. I mean they were both married and besides his wife was a sweet girl. When I first heard about it I thought it was just some spiteful gossip but then I saw them having cozy dinners more than once at various posh restaurants around town and once when they were leaving I saw that he'd his arm around her... I felt very sorry for his wife. Though for all you know she has someone on the side as well. This town is such a dirty place. Anyway all this is old news. That guy and his wife moved away, the “other woman” is still here though. I heard she'd divorced her husband. Right now she's single as far as I know though I can tell that many of the older men In the office seem to think they have a shot with her. Creeps.

Here I am babbling about old news when I've got some really hot news. Apparently AJU and Upen have broken up again. Ok I know I haven't introduced them yet but I'm sooo excited. AJU stands for Angelina Jolie Understudy. Cos that's what she thinks she looks like and thats what she tries for. She fails miserably of course, though roadside romeos would probably find her attractive enough. Anyway, her on again, off again, boyfriend is a fitting match for her. He's Upen Patel to the power of 20. Oily, smirking, feeling-girls-up creep. New girls who don't know any better find him attractive but then they learn. Funny thing is he never learns. He still thinks he's a stud. And since someone told him he's called Upen behind his back he's started strutting around like it's a compliment!

Well to get back to the story, recently a new girl has joined us on the floor. Little miss indecently short skirt, MISS for short. Well the moment Upen saw Miss he had only one thing on his mind. He's been hanging about with his tongue out for weeks now. Well apparently MISS made the mistake of going out with him. There was a huge row yesterday. AJU was crying and whining and Upen was acting all high and mighty. It started in the cafetaria but then he stalked out and she followed him so we didn't get to hear all the juicy details. But my 'source' told me that AJU found some messages on his cell from or to MISS. She blew up. Obviously she was expecting him to say sorry. But she reckoned without Upen's ego. He thinks women are secondary citizens put on earth for his pleasure. Last seen she was crying and he was ignoring her.

Anyway, time I got back on the floor. Still have so much to tell you guys...Catch ya later...