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Thursday, January 08, 2009

HSBC Credit Card - Part Two

Just a quick post to say that after a daily exchange of emails, (apparently sending an email full of expletives and threats of legal action works!) I got an email from HSBC today as follows:

We refer to your email message dated 06 January 2008 regarding your
credit card.

Regarding your query relating to annual fee, a Lifetime Free Credit card
would depend on the corporate tie up between HSBC and different

However, as a service gesture we have reversed the annual fee for INR
3000/- along with the service tax and the relevant credit will reflect
in the subsequent month statement.

We value your custom and request you to reconsider your decision to
cancel the card.

Please feel free to write to us if you require further clarification.

Yours sincerely,

Customer Service Executive
HSBC India


  • At which point I thanked them for the favour they seem to think they are doing me.
  • Pointed out that if I hadn't checked my statement I'd have been 3000 poorer like their other hapless customers
  • Asked how the hell I could return their cards and how long it would take.
And now I'm sure HSBC things everything's settled.

Yeah right! Their prompt action has taken them off the top spot on my hit list but they're there to stay...


CrazyRhyme said...

Way to go....

Guess they didn`t realise who they were messing with.... (A LAWYER) :)

Unknown said...

Lucky you.
An Innocent Bystander's view : don't put in any names of their officers...:-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post - I too got FREE LIFETIME HSBC Card some months back. Better I cancel it now.
Over all I was disappointed with HSBC:
- Online facility is a joke - their security-gadget all the time to login or check your balance
- Payment of Credit Card is a pain. Online payment is not available to non-bank customers and check clearance is too slow (I deposited check on Dec 20, and it was credited to my account on Jan 2nd)
- Credit Limit is another joke. My limit is 150k, but my credit card was blocked for 4k of balance (because HSBC did not credit my payment)

KD13 said...

@ crazyrhyme - Guess having a nasty temper is useful sometimes!

@ Eagle eye - :) As long as I'm merely reporting the facts they have no right to complain... and I have the emails to prove it!

@ Anonymous - most credit companies are a pain. Payment of bills is only easy if you also have a bank account with them. If you have a salary account with a bank and you need a credit card get one from them. Atleast then it'll be easy for you to pay off the bills through their atm's or net banking or something...