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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I was a big fan of Limewire. In fact somewhere in my archives I think there's a post called Limewire v. BitTorrent in which Limewire won hands down. Well I havent' been downloading for almost a year now. There just wasn't any space on my comp. Now with prices crashing I've bought lots of space and finally I can start downloading again.

I've started with Dragon Speak Naturally. And Changeling. Both took almost a day apiece. But now I'm down to the last 5 minutes... and soon I'll see if my patience has finally paid off.

And yeah... I'm using uTorrent now. N it's pretty neat.

Will watch the movie and review it tomorrow.



FifthBeatle said...

Hey, any specific reasons for why you prefer P2P over BitTorrent? Or how about a link to that old post? I am, obviously, of exactly the opposite opinion and would be interested in knowing the reasoning behind your point of view.

CrazyRhyme said...

I`m telling you stay loyal to limwire...

Love it always.. above all others... :)

Otherwise the day you come back to it.. It may not want you...
(I mean it needs a fan following to sustain it)