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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not a fairytale

Once upon a time there was a girl. And she had a friend that she was very fond off. He stepped on her foot deliberately, and when she tried to explain that it hurt, he did not understand because you see no one had ever stepped on his feet (or maybe he just had strong feet). So the little girl, sad and lonely decided it would be better not to have any friends because she had very sensitive feet.

Then one day lo and behold she met a boy who had had his feet stepped on before. And she felt so safe. Finally she could risk her precious feet. He told her he understood how much it hurt when someone steps on your feet and he said he would never step on hers. They became best friends.

Last week he stepped on her feet.


Anonymous said...

They became friends because she got an assurance that the second guy would never step on her feet?

Did he get any assurance? How and why did he become her friend?

KD13 said...
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KD13 said...

He needed a friend and she was good to him I guess. I know she became friends with him because she needed a friend and he was good to her. AND cos she believed that he wouldn't stamp her feet.