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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trial and Error

Okay, so I was wrong after all. My last miracle was a joke but one I badly needed at the time.

I need another one now. God, are you listening?

Folks heading home on the 25th. N me with exams till the 31st. Christmas has always sucked. This year it'll hit a new low and probably be joined by the New Year... the one occasion I've always enjoyed. The only thing that used to make up for the crap that went before.

This year I'll probably be home alone for the New Year. Growing up sucks. There was a time, not too many years ago, that I'd have been happy enough partying with a bunch of friends. This year, just friends aren't enough. I want my love around. Or at least my best friends, my connections. I want to bring in the New Year with someone I love. So I'll lie to my friends, and tell them I have plans. Pretend someone has come by from Goa or Mumbai. Anything to avoid partying with them.

And so I'll be bringing in 2012 alone. Life in Pune just turned rotten. Realising there's no one to spend New Years with will do that to you.

Maybe I'll fulfil another of my life's ambitions and get drunk. Drinking alone at home.... yay.... my first steps on the road to alcoholism and a nervous breakdown.


FifthBeatle said...

Lol! Stop being such a Drama Queen!

KD13 said...

@ Arnold - Hey buddy you ain't the one home alone on New Years eve - :-p... lol.
Try it out and then we'll see how your tune changes! We may turn into Queens together. :D

FifthBeatle said...

If it makes any difference at all, I had the WORST NYE EVER this year. Things only got a little better because I got to go to Goa on the 2nd (thank God for that!) but I can't even begin to tell you how rotten 31st December was.

KD13 said...

@Arnold - Yes I admit it - I'm curious (and evil) - hearing about your bad new year will soothe me in many ways....

FifthBeatle said...

Well, it's been a month and a half since then now and life is all rosy once again. Sorry to, ummm, disappoint you?