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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Promoted again... and again

Got promoted twice since I wrote here last... Didn't get out of my job, instead got really hooked on it.

Hmmm..... what changed? I guess new management at the helm.

Last I wrote we were starting shifts. They continued till September 2009 and during that time my life changed completely.

My best friend... found new friends. I became lonelier than I've ever been - but a few people got me through that phase.

For some time my company managed to avoid the recession but in the second half of 2009 it caught up with us and we had to lay off some people.

After that, life moved slowly onwards till June or July 2010. That's when a new potential client popped up and said they wanted some associates to come to New Jersey for training. Guess that's when my life changed again. I was selected for the training - and got a trip to NJ and NY in Sept 2010 out of it. The client did not sign us up in the end cos of some unrelated factors but I got noticed by the new management and got promoted to Manager of a new division in Feb 2011.

It's been little more than a year since then but I've lived several lifetimes during this period.

It's been a rocky year but here I am promoted again - this time to Sr. Manager.

How things have changed - now I desperately want to be instrumental in making my company a success - my writing has receded into the back ground.

But who knows - maybe it's time for a change once again. I've noticed that whenever things seem to have settled - the cards get shuffled again...