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Saturday, August 24, 2013

It feels so good....

...until it feels so bad

Three years ago
I stood on a shore
wondering if this was it
if I'd ever love again

God laughed

I found love that day
in a spectacularly unexpected way
A love that warmed an unloved heart
And I was happy... at the start

God laughed, the page turned
all wasn't as it seemed, I learned
my love died (in more ways than one)
left me in the shadows, entered the sun,

And that was the story so far
So I put my feelings in a jar
Decided - No making plans, no bluff,
Give God no reason to laugh

But now once again,
like an absolute sucker for pain,
I feel that old familiar feeling sweeping over me
I feel a quiver in each dimpled knee
My heart sings songs, my thoughts scatter
from lost alleyways my dreams, they gather

And I know God probably just wants a laugh
But I find myself tempted, torn in half,
would it be so bad, to allow myself to feel so good
to build castles in the air, and count stars in the wood

Will I be strong enough to bear the pain ahead
when my happiness eventually stops dead,
should I give heart a chance, for now be glad,
should I allow myself to feel so good....until I feel so bad...


Tunvir Rahman said...

Thank you for tthis