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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More sad poetry...

I saw a garden full of flowers,
each smiling and bobbing its head,
not knowing, not guessing,
that soon each smiling face would be dead.

They laugh, they cry,
they live, they die,
leaving us, rotten poets,
standing still, and asking why

Why should they ever live,
if they soon have to die,
why should they ever know,
what its like to be free, to fly

They should be earthbound
cocooned and lifeless
not deluded with false hopes
when all know they are hopeless

They should smash their heads
On the stones at their feet
Stab themselves with their thorns
Bleed with each heartbeat,

If I could comfort them I would,
Though a cold comfort it'd be,
I'd tell them to fake a smile,
and to learn from the distant sea.

the sea is cold and wonderful,
it can shine or it can suck,
it crashes and destroys and uplifts,
and in the end it doesn't give a fuck.