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Friday, December 13, 2013

Surface People

Surface people, 
Surface smiles,
I've met quite a few,
as I trudge across life's miles

While I've liked some,
They've been few and far between,
Most of the time I can't stand them,
They never make it through my screen

They seem to have it easy,
Away from Saturn's glare,
It's easy to not have worries,
If you just don't care

Sometimes I wish I could be like them,
And not give a damn,
Make decisions with my head,
Whenever I'm in a jam

But at the end that's not who I am,
I've found my heart needs equal space,
It wants to be co-ruler of my life, 
Head and heart co-existing in grace

Unfortunately what this means,
Is more pain than I'd wish to feel,
That's the price I pay for being me,
I just have to learn to deal.