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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do you really think you can hurt me?

Do you really think you can hurt me?

I've been destroyed by experts,
torn asunder by indifference,
careless friends have broken me,
do you even know the difference.

You think I'm fragile,
that you can crush me with pain,
what you don't know,
is that I will always rise again.

Like the grain in the field,
I'll bow before the pain,
my heart will be ripped to shreds,
but then I'll rise again.

I was taken apart by an expert,
reduced to my component parts,
it took me years and a lot of hard work,
but what you see is a work of art.

I'm a sum of all those pieces,
glued together by so much pain,
one day I'll heal completely
and stop crying in the rain

until that day, don't worry,
do your worst and see
I'll bend, but not break darlin'
you can't really destroy me.