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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I wish...

Read this on a forum, posted on April 19, 2013...

[quote=pwimbs79]I will say this to all of you. A person who I considered a little sister blocked me last month on Facebook and Twitter. The reason was because she wanted to end her life and I called the authorities in order to save her life. It will be a month on Monday April 22nd and I am still reeling from it. My friend blocked me from her Facebook profile, her Facebook fan page then a week later her Twitter page.

I  have been stressing out for three weeks I lost weight, sleep, and got a cold sore. Right now it has been very tough to deal with because I have not been in contact with her since March 22nd. I hold no ill will towards her at all I made it clear to her in my last message that I will always be there to help in anyway possible. I told her that would never turn my back on her, I am still here for my friend. I was always there supporting her because for weeks she wanted to end her life but every time I talked her out of it. Secondly her birthday was April 14th she turned 24 and I could not wish her Happy Birthday to save my life. Nearly three weeks ago she wanted to take her life now she is still here and a year older.

People have been telling me to give it time and keep my head up she will come around. All I can do at this point is keep her in prayer and wait. The waiting game is not easy and sometimes I blame myself replaying that Friday night in my head over and over. It's not easy when you help and support someone and they do not want to talk to you. I pray daily that the lines of communication be reopened.  I just wanted to share this with all of you.[/quote]

Am copying it here verbatim because it moved me so much... been hearing so much about people suffering from depression. I'm just hoping that in this connected world every sad soul finds someone to share with.