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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Some nights

Some nights I play chess in my head
N knock pieces off, winning elegantly without strife
Other nights I fight a war in my head,
Bloodthirsty n vicious, where both victor n vanquished are covered with blood, wondering which is which...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Some people can't do relationships... 

The first time I read through the Tom Thorne series I was focused on the crimes of course. I admired so many things about his detective skills. As far as relationships went I guess I just assumed he was a typical guy... whatever that is. But reading through the series again, all together, it's apparent that if this is a typical guy, women the world over would be having shitty lives and shitty relationships. 

Not every woman is going to lead the way with a freakin' lamp. Some men, many men I hope, will be brave enough to deal with issues as they rise, will be brave enough to have the tough conversations. Or even better, they'll actually have the capacity to have complete relationships in which case there'll be less unpleasant conversations..

And how do I figure out what's a guy's capacity? How do I run away from the Tom Thorne's of this world?