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Monday, December 18, 2017

Leda Watefront - Siridao

Second time here -

Came back for the banana cocktail. Ordered it again and unfortunately it looked and tasted a bit different today. Wondering if they gave me the mocktail last time inadvertantly.  But anyway it was still quite nice.

Calamari in white chilly sauce or something - lovely. Very very filling though. That sauce is heavy!

Chicken lollipops are not the usual red - quite nice

Finished with appams and some Indian Mutton dish that the waiter recommended. The mutton was nice - soft and falling off the bone. The appams were enjoyable as always.

But despite all this praise for the food, the thing I liked the most about the place was the ambiance. It's a lovely place to bring someone who wants the unspoilt Goan beach vibe. Just beautiful!

Took loads of pics of the place - and of a section of the beach where Britney went crazy and write her name several times.

I don't know who Britney is but here's hoping she's over the phase of seeking validation from writing her name in the sand... :D


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