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Friday, May 18, 2018

Life's Like that

So I was stressing drips and IVs and wound dressings and other unmentionables. Sheesh... I cannot understand nurses. Why would anyone willingly want to do this stuff.

Anyway, I pinged a friend for distraction before my 'shift' began. Guilt free, nothing owed conversation. Friend is travelling in Bombay n says its chaos. I'm full of sympathy. I'd hate to be travelling in Bombay.
Only thing is... Friend is headed for a fun party (with a common acquaintance) and does not mention this. Although its something we've had in common. It would be like me not mentioning I'm gonna go eat ice cream to the person I always eat ice cream with.

1. I don't get the secrecy
2. Once you've reached your destination make time for a friend who's pinged n clearly needs cheering you pos

Friend is an asshole me thinks... Lol

Where the hell are those new friends I'd ordered?!