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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

FC Goa Vs Mumbai City FC

Okay match about to start. 7.31 already
Crowds pretty low here at Fatorda. Empty seats opposite.Has FC Goa magic really left Goa? Please give FC goa a chance.
The Gaurs are bright in their new orange kit. Pity the Mumbai team is in blue. I preferred the Gaurs in blue. Have to remember to cheer for orange
7.36 - FC Goa is attacking immediately. Mumbai's defence clusters and saves them.
Goa is definitely keen. Will they feel disheartened by the empty seats? It's definitely made me worry.
7.37 - Free kick to Goa.
7.39 - FC goa are mounting a strong attack. %^$@^ 8 (Coro) taken out by Mumbai 23 (Souvik Chakrabarti) We deserve a penalty!

Aah, penalty awarded

7.40 - Goa scores!!! 8 (Coro) does it again. Beautifully.

Ooh.. a challenge by Mumbai and little fracas but it comes to nothing.

7.46 = 23 (Edu Bedia) lost the ball during a run. Damn. He's so enthusiastic, a real live wire.

7.47 - Mumbai 7 (Nkufo Arnold) down

Mumbai is pushing. Fast play. Phew! Our goal keeper took a chance! Ran out and had to jump for it and my heart was in my mouth, but he successfully pushed the ball away and I could breath again.

7.48 -

FC Goa is making me hope. 4 (Hugo Adnan Boumous) was running alone along the back line with ball until Mumbai 6 (Milan) threw him down - or maybe he fell and I'm just paranoid. In any case FC Goa now have a corner.

Wasted corner.

7 (Mandar) shoots a parabola from almost mid midfield. Really Mandar? Why?
Mandar n Mumbai 7 are now mixing it up. Cards?
No cards.

Long kick to Coro who can't do much. He passes to 12 (Jackichand Singh) who tries to send it back to him or across to God knows who but loses it instead. Hmpf. We need to score one more.

Mumbai City FC try to open their score but they can't aim the ball between the posts. They are playing pretty badly today. Good for us.

8.00 - Valiant run and attempt
4 (Hugo Adnan Boumous) passes to Edu I think (but the goalie pushes it to his left)

8.02 - This is like tennis right now. My heads moving from one end of the ground to the other and back. Mumbai fell flat in one attempt and before I could mock them we returned the favour. And now they are trying again. Although I have to say our attempts look stronger. Their attempts - to put it not very politely - sucked. They shot right at our player. Mumbai City clearly don't have finishers.

(24) 8.04 Could have been a close call. Mumbai City almost score but 16 (Rafael Bastos) shot across. Quite pathetic.

8.05 Their attempt from the corner continues but our defence is holding strong.

Lol..Some of their players seem to be playing for us. Their team started moving the ball towards our goal and one of their players stood in the midfield facing his own goal and stopped the ball on his chest, bouncing it to our players who obviously ran with it. It's another matter that they were tripped up soon after.

8.07 Free kick time for 23 (Edu) but it falls flat.. Well, just over the top cross bar.
8.09 Mumbai City FC get a free kick from midfield almost -- of course it does them not an ounce of good.

8.10 - Passing the parcel -- 5-23-4-12 - stolen - back - stolen
8.13 - I could have sworn that Mumbai guy blocked the ball with his hands standing right on near the D … but since no one noticed (???) clearly it happened only in the alternate universe in which I was at that moment.

8.14 - Sure goal for FC Goa falls flat. Why did the Goa player pass instead of aim n shoot??
8.15 - So close for Goa again but over the bar --4 (Coro)I think
8.18 - 5 (Ahmed Jahouh)  pretty much kicks the feet out from under a guy but midfield and now fracas their side

8.19 - Unnecessary free kick given to Mumbai City FC but we are still safe.

1 min extra time only.

HALF TIME - Goa lead 1-0

I hope the second half is better. Or at least no worse.

My mind is drifting. Instead of watching the match I'm watching the Mumbai City players running up and down and warming up in front of the media box.Ours are doing lunges

8.44 - Finally action! Our goalie 13 (Mohammad Nawaz) saves one

An outright trip by Mumbai City. They are getting cranky.

8.46 - GOAL!!

(20) Seriton Fernandes outran his marker down the right side and sent in a pinpoint cross towards (12) Jackichand, who applied the finishing touch.
Everyone's happy but Sergio seems the happiest...
All the action now should be in the half that's away from me. Although it's far away and I can't see so clearly, I will sacrifice my watching pleasure. How noble am I.

Mumbai is substituting players now. Pretty sure it'll be useless.
ON - Mohammad Rafique
OFF - Milan Singh

8.49 - M 16 (Rafael Bastos) threw our 23 (Edu) down
Unfortunately no card.

8.50 Mumbai City are getting more desperate - 4 (Coro) is down now
Happy music playing from our band - seems inappropriate when Coro is down.
Ah hes up now

8.51 Play resumes
No it does not. The ref is moving one of the Mumbai City players. Yes yes.. move him right off the field. No? Oh well.

The attack is back on... and...

8.52 GOAL!!! 
Beautiful. 23 (Edu) earned it. He received the ball in midfield, and flicked it to Coro who played it right back to him. Edu took a shot with the outside of his left-foot, and smacked it into the left top corner of Amrinder's goal. The goalkeeper had no chance at all.

8.53 - Mumbai City push our guy down midfield, desperate times?

8.54 - Beautiful run by Mumbai but such a sad attempt. Wrong side of the post

8.58 - corner saved by our goalie

9.02 One more save. Nawaz is doing a good job!

9.05 - Yellow card. Goalkeeper Nawaz is booked for time-wasting. His third yellow card in three games. :-(

9.06 - Coro tripped in D. Ref refuses penalty! &$%$%^
Mumbai don't slow down - run and counter attack but luckily they are useless today.
9.10 - 23 (Edu) down again. No action.
9.12 - So close.... sigh
One more -- We are just trying our luck now
9.13 - One more substitution - more time wasting?Oh...
ON - Miguel Palanca Fernandez  
OFF - Ferran Corominas
8 (Coro) going off maybe good. Mumbai is getting more antsy and violent. We don't want Coro hurt.
9.15 - GOAL!!!! 11 (Miguel Palanca Fernandez) scores- Nicely done!
Manvir was running straight towards the goal when he passed to Minguel and I was cursing! Turns out he was right and I was wrong - hehehe... Minguel took his time when the ball was passed to him, and then scored. Simple and beautiful. Unnecessary worry.
9.16 - Long distance attempt by Pena almost bears fruit. Would have been so cool to be 5-0
9.19 - A Mumbai City player is down just outside our D and our crowd is doing a Mexican wave and booing him at the same time.
They have asked for a stretcher so maybe he's really hurt. Doubt it though.
9.21 - Fifth GOAL!
Just as Mumbai were about to get away from the defense, Jahouh slid in and got the ball. And then he plays a stunning cross to Palanca, who slotted it home past a helpless Ravi

4 minutes extra time but we don't need it and Mumbai City can't do anything with it either!

Goa 5 - Mumbai City 0